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Welcome to the Better Tyres Now website. This website is developed to support the Declaration on Best Tyres, encouraging European cities and regional authorities to install the Best Tyres on vehicles in their municipal fleets and keep them properly inflated.  choosethebesttyre logo plus slogan plus website DeclarationBetter Tyres reduces fuel consumption, lowering costs, and CO2 emissions.  Improved road safety results in fewer injuries and fatalities, and less noise will be emitted. The advantages of Best Tyres are manifold, with savings in the EU of up to € 36 billion! The report can be found here. Comparable studies have been done for the Netherlands and for the city of Rotterdam.

TNO has also calculated cost savings per vehicle amounting to 200 – 300 euro per year for the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and the Netherlands National Road Authority. Installing EU tyre label (Triple A) tyres on their municipal fleets would lead to huge savings.

The Declaration on Best Tyres is an initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam, DCMR EPA, Working Group Noise EUROCITIES and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

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